Pest Services

GW Exterminators has been offering a wide variety of professional traditional pest control services for Georgia and Alabama residents since 1971. Jack Willis passed his expert knowledge down to his son Glenn Willis and Glenn has excelled using a hands-on approach that makes him the area Termite expert.  Glenn has more experience dealing with Formosan termites than any other exterminator in the Chattahoochee Valley area. Each year more of these Super Termites turn up and other local exterminators lean on Glenn for his expertise.

Experience set GW technicians apart from the rest. Another reason to use GW Exterminators is pest and termite technicians have been with Glenn Willis on average at least 10 years each. Certified and registered techs with experience. That means they know their pest control and you won’t be faced with a new Pest Technician every other month. Experience at every position makes GW Exterminators a winning team, a team that you can count on to deliver the finest pest control service using tried and true pest control methods to your home or business. Put your pest control needs in the hands of experience at GW Exterminating and Pest Control, Columbus, GA.

Whether you are looking for expert Pest Control Services or unrivaled Termite Control Service from a company you can trust to do what they say they will do, you can’t go wrong by choosing GW Exterminating and Pest Control.

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